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Letter From Santa - Santa Letter - Santa Letter Template

Santa is happy to help you make Christmas special for the children.

Mail a letter from Santa to your child.

Select one of our Santa template letters or create your own wording for your child’s Letter from Santa. Printing is free. If we print and send it through the post office it will cost 2.99. This is a keepsake your child can have as a lifetime memory of how wonderful Christmas is.

Letter from Santa Claus wishes to allow you to bring Christmas joy to the special boy or girl in your life. This holiday season have Santa Claus mail your child a fully personalized letter from Santa Claus.

The personalized letters are filled in with a few items about the special child. It’s very easy to complete the filling in of the letter. Santa Claus will supply you with a few boxes to add information about the child. Child's age a favorite toy and best of all, what our little darling wants for Christmas. How wonderful and how great it will be when your child sees that Santa Claus really knows them and will bring them the present that they have been wishing for.

Here you can write your own Santa letter to your child for free. We will supply you with a blank letter from Santa Claus template. The template is easy to use and is free of charge. Write your own letter from scratch and have it say whatever you wish. A truly customized letter like no other letter from Santa. Your Child will be amazed at how personalized the letter is. They will hold the letter near and dear to their heart forever.

Each of our letters are Printable letter from Santa. Print one at home and frame the letter for yourself. This option is available for free. Santa Claus wants to make it easy for you to print a letter from him at home for free.

Santa Claus would be more than happy to print and mail your child a letter through the United States Postal service. The letter will be mailed the next business day from the day you request it to be printed. The cost is $2.99 per letter. The elf will carefully address your letter and seal it with the best of care.

Show the kids Santa Claus was in your house with a picture, the kids will be amazed
Begin writing a letter from Santa to your child
arrange a phone call from Santa Claus
Santa will send you a video
explore Greeting cards from Santa claus
Letter from Santa website has a store with items that can be purchased for Christmas